Who's Who In The District
For the Church Year 1939-1940
Northern Indiana District
Church of the Nazarene
(Page 31-40)

In offering this little book to the public, it is our purpose to especially introduce the pastors of the Northern Indiana District, Church of the Nazarene; and it is our hope that you may come to know your nearest Nazarene pastor better. He is in your community for the purpose of rendering a service to you and to your neighbors. He will be glad to have you call upon him when you need spiritual help, or in time of sickness and distress.

If you do not have a regular church home, you will find a warm welcome in the services of any Nazarene Church. We cordially invite you to come and worship with us.

Sincerely yours,
J. W. Montgomery,
District Superintendent

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Page Page Image Persons pictured on this page
31 32page31.jpg (82468 bytes) stevens.jpg (22899 bytes)
Rev. Rose Stevens

savage.jpg (52027 bytes)
Rev. F.C. Savage

towriss.jpg (50286 bytes)
Rev. J.G. Towriss
Gary Glen Park
32 33page32.jpg (83712 bytes) senn.jpg (53247 bytes)
Rev. W.P. Senn
Muncie Fountain Square
stafford.jpg (49132 bytes)
Rev. E.L. Stafford
suits.jpg (47481 bytes)
Rev. Kenneth Suits
33 34page33.jpg (80698 bytes) stephenson.jpg (47642 bytes)
Rev. John E. Stephenson
tucker.jpg (43536 bytes)
Rev. Paul Tucker
toone.jpg (49756 bytes)
Rev. Edward Toone
Gary Tolleston
34 35page34.jpg (78025 bytes) thomas.jpg (51610 bytes)
Rev. Fred Thomas
cole.jpg (45900 bytes)
Rev. Floyd E. Cole
South Bend
updike.jpg (48827 bytes)
Rev. Paul Updike
Fort Wayne South Side
35 36page35.jpg (80719 bytes) wright.jpg (51954 bytes)
Rev. Fred D. Wright
welton.jpg (46868 bytes)
Rev. William O. Welton
wells.jpg (48953 bytes)
Rev. John M. Wells
36 37page36.jpg (77070 bytes) wesche.jpg (43825 bytes)
Rev. P.A. Wesche
wooten.jpg (47210 bytes)
Rev. B.H. Wooten
york.jpg (49241 bytes)
Rev. Russell York
37 38page37.jpg (81577 bytes) andrews.jpg (51102 bytes)
Rev. & Mrs. F.O. Andrews
Fort Wayne (Evangelists)
mayfields.jpg (52320 bytes)
Evangelists Paul & Helen Mayfield
Fort Wayne
olson.jpg (44617 bytes)
Mary & Heddie Olson
Decatur (Evangelists)
38 39page38.jpg (78843 bytes) glaze.jpg (34121 bytes)
Rev. D.A. Glaze
Kokomo (Evangelist)
horine.jpg (34619 bytes)
Evangelist I.D. Horine
tindley.jpg (53769 bytes)
Prof. Elbert Tindley
Anderson (Evangelist)
39 40page39.jpg (86025 bytes) wainscott.jpg (27771 bytes)
Evangelist Elic Wainscott
reichenbach.jpg (54644 bytes)
Rev. Frank Reichenbach
Fort Wayne (Evangelist)
wright2.jpg (59782 bytes)
Evangelist Leonard Wright
40 41page40.jpg (78675 bytes) goodwin.jpg (50939 bytes)
J.W. Goodwin, D.D.
General Superintendent
Pasadena, CA
williams.jpg (52224 bytes)
R.T. Williams, D.D.
General Superintendent
Kansas City, MO



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