St. Joseph Indian Normal School
(also known as Drexel Hall)
in Rensselaer, Indiana

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Stories from Saint Joseph's College (Rensselaer):
The Canonization of Saint Katharine Drexel - (with two period photographs of school)
Original Pews From Indian Normal School Discovered

More information and photos about the school on a St. Joseph's College Wiki page.

0202drexelfront.jpg (152868 bytes)

Drexel Hall from the front (looking east).
Built in 1888 as St. Joseph's Indian Normal School and later part of St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer, which still owns the building, Drexel Hall is threatened by modern-age sprawl, which crouches within a few hundred feet of the landmark. Philadelphia banking heiress and nun Katharine Drexel, recently canonized by the Catholic Church, funded the construction of St. Joseph's Indian Normal School to educate American Indians for assimilation into the white culture. Believing that such schools were a way to "civilize" the West, the U.S. government funded the school's operation until it closed in 1896. The building then became Drexel Hall, one of the first structures of the new St. Joseph's College. Drexel Hall's location across from the entrance to the College and at the entrance to the town give added visibility to what is widely regarded as the most historic structure in the community after the county courthouse.

0202drexeldoor.jpg (152099 bytes)

Front door.
These photos were taken in February, 2002

0202drexeldamage.jpg (152555 bytes)

Roof damage at the front door.
The place is in surprisingly good shape considering it's been vacant for almost 25 years.  The building was renovated and used as a dormitory for St. Joseph's College, which is across Highway 231 from this structure.

0202drexelfire.jpg (135678 bytes)

Fire Department Connection

0202drexelsouth.jpg (151242 bytes)

From the south

0202drexel_2nd_door.jpg (162559 bytes)

Second story doorway on south face.

0202drexelterra.jpg (181489 bytes)

Piece of terra cotta roof material which has fallen.

0202drexelwindow.jpg (65582 bytes)

Inside second floor window on south side.

0202drexeleast.jpg (105295 bytes)

East side (back of building)

0202drexelhallway.jpg (98760 bytes)

Hallway view from ground floor on east side of building.

0202drexelroom.jpg (92671 bytes)

Room in southeast corner of building.

0202drexelskull.jpg (31588 bytes)

The oddest thing we encountered. A small animal skull hanging from a piece of electrical wire. (picture was taken from the same vantage point as the previous two photos)

0202drexelstack.jpg (121771 bytes)

Bottom of chimney/smokestack on east side of building.

0202drexelsteel.jpg (138810 bytes)

Door on east side of building.

0202drexelnorth.jpg (135098 bytes)

North side of building.

0202drexelelect.jpg (139831 bytes)

Electrical connection on second floor, north side.

0202drexel_stjoe.jpg (151801 bytes)

Looking across US 231 to St. Joseph's College from the front yard of Drexel Hall.
  For a little more information about the St. Joseph Indian Normal School (Drexel Hall), you can try these links:
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A Stronger Tie - a letter to the editor of The Catholic Moment from Father Dominic B. Gerlach of St. Joseph's College

This article about Father Stephan (Joseph Andrew Stephan) explains the history of the property a little more, such as, "St. Joseph Indian Normal School, Rensselaer, was among the casualties of the battle Father Stephan valiantly lost against the American Protective Association's influence on the 1888 election of President Benjamin Harrison. Harrison appointed an openly anti-Catholic Commissioner of Indian Affairs who announced the end of "sectarian contract schools," that is, government-subsidized Catholic schools. He in turn appointed the author of Romanism vs. the Public School System to be Commissioner of Indian Education. In 1891, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs broke relations with the Bureau for Catholic Indian Missions. In the same year, Kate Drexel became Mother Katharine Drexel, foundress of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored People. But Congress had already passed measures to withdraw funding so that by 1896 many contract schools were closed, including St. Joseph Indian Normal School, Rensselaer."

St. Katharine Drexel: 'a mother and servant' - contains references to the school


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