Nazarene Album
Northern Indiana District
Church of the Nazarene (1934)
(Page 31-36)

(from the Nazarene Album, published in 1934)

In sending out this little book, it is our earnest hope that it may serve as an encouragement to church attendance, and as a guide to a spiritual church in which to worship; especially when you travel. If you like the book and wish to have a copy mailed to some friend, write to us, care of WOWO, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We will be glad to send a copy free to your friend anywhere in the United States. If you can enclose a few cents to cover cost of wrapping and mailing, it will be appreciated.


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Whiting Church of the Nazarene
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Rev. Fred D. Wright
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South Bend Church of the Nazarene
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Rev. Floyd Honchell
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Rev. & Mrs. Elic Wainscott
34 35page34.jpg (131990 bytes) Other Indiana Nazarene Churches


Northern Indiana District Activities

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Song Books for All Departments of the Church


Personal Evangelism

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Text from Page 34 of the Nazarene Album (Northern Indiana District, 1934)

Other Northern Indiana Nazarene Churches
(Not shown elsewhere in this book).
Church Location                                             Pastor Address
Albany-Albany, Indiana                                   Rev. Merrell Bassett. Albany. Ind.
Arcana-6 miles east of Marion                         Rev. E. L. Marshman, R. 6. Marion, Ind.
Attica-West Hill Street                                    Rev. W. T. McCrory. 504 South McDonald
Berne-High Street                                           Rev. E. B. Hartley, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Cates-Cates, Ind.                                            Rev. J. H. Baughman. Cates, Ind.
Churubusco-Whitley Street                              Rev. Rollie Elzey, Churubusco
Crown Point-cor. North and East Sts.               Rev. Wm. A. Field, 300 N. Grant St.
Dunkirk-226 E. Center                                     Rev. L. R. Pendry, 226 E. Center St.
East Chicago-E. Chicago, Ind.                         Rev. C. C. White, 3837 Virginia, Gary, Ind.
Elwood-No. 'F" and 14th Streets                       Rev. Walter Rees, 815 N. Anderson St.
Farmland. . . Morrison and Harrison Sts.           Rev. I. D. Horine, Farmland, Ind.
Garrett-Randolf Street                                      Rev. Wm. Busching. 317 Ijam St.
Hamilton-Hamilton, Indiana                               Rev. E. Ferguson, Hamilton, Ind.
South Hammond (new)-S. Calumet St.              Rev. B. F. Hawk, Hammond, Ind.
Harris Chapel-near Blountsville                         Rev. C. Fleetwood. Selma, Ind.
Hartford City-723 E. Franklin St.                       Rev. A. F. Ford, 708 Commercial St.
Hillsboro-Hillsboro, Ind.                                    Rev. Wm. Corlett, Hillsboro, Ind.
Kendallville-122 W. Williams St.                       Rev. T. H. Kampman, Kendallville
Lafayette-1301 Union St.                                 Rev. C. C. Chatman, 1301 Union St.
Lebanon-318 Ash St                                        Rev. Alva O. Estep, 318 Ash St.
Logansport-Logansport                                    Rev. Joe Niccum, E. 8th St.
Lynn-West Church Street                                Rev. Vern Leonard, Lynn. Ind.
Modoc-Modoc, Indiana                                    Rev. O. E. Edwards, Modoc. Ind.
Monroeville-Main Street                                   Rev. Marion Brown. Monroeville. Ind.
Montpelier-Jefferson and Monroe                      Rev. C. H. Templin, 556 S. Jefferson
Muncie First-654 N. Jefferson                           Rev. J. A. Allen, 315 Columbus St.
Ossian-Ossian, Ind.                                        Rev. Paul Updike, Ossian, Ind.
Parker-E. Washington St.                                Rev. O. B. Gray, Parker, Ind.
Red Key-Meridian Street                                  Rev. L. R. Pendry, Dunkirk, Ind.
Ridgeville-Walnut and Main Sts.                       Rev. G. R. Coyner. Ridgeville. Ind.
State Line-State Line, Ind.                               Rev. Miss Ruth Honchell, State Line
Tefft-Tefft, Ind.                                                 Rev. Wm. Whitlock, Sims. Ind.
Veedersburg-S. Main Street                             Rev. J. F. Hunt, 400 S. Main Street
Silver Lake-Near Silver Lake, Ind.                      Rev. Marion Wells, Akron. Ind.
(For information on Nazarene Churches in the Southern half of Indiana write Rev. C. J. Quinn. 1621 E. Raymond Street, Indianapolis. Ind.)

The 1934 Annual Assembly will convene in Huntington, Indiana. August 7-12.
Dr. R. T. Williams, General Superintendent, of Kansas City. Missouri, will preside.
A great Young People's Rally is being planned for Saturday evening. August 11, at the seat of the assembly. The program to be broadcast by remote control over WOWO, Fort Wayne.
In September, 1934. Prof. John E. Moore, of Los Angeles, one of the outstanding soloists of the nation, will tour the district with the District Superintendent.
The District Preachers meeting will convene in Muncie South Side Church in March, 1935.
The District Officers are pleased with the favor that the new NAZARENE VOICE has gained, and strongly urge all to join in an effort to give it a wide circulation.
JOHN W. FELMLEE, Secretary-Treasurer.

Partial Text from Page 35 of the Nazarene Album (Northern Indiana District, 1934)

Song Books for All Departments of the Church
We publish a large number of the most up-to-date song books for use in all departments of the church. Also many popular solo, duet and quartet books. A few are listed below. Complete music catalog sent on request.

                                        Price per copy
Title                     Binding         postpaid
Glorious Gospel Hymns     Keratol         $1.25
    No. 1                 Cloth            .40
    No. 2                 Cloth            .50
    No. 2                 Paper            .35
Great Gospel Songs        Paper            .25
Glad Praise               Paper            .25
Glad Praise               Cloth            .40
Standard Bearer Hymns     Paper            .20
Sunshine Choruses         Paper            .25
Favorite Gospel Songs     Paper            .15
Special Sacred Songs No. 2 Paper           .60
Special Sacred Songs No. 3 Sunburst        .60
Lillenas' Solos and Duets No. 1 Paper      .60
Lillenas Solos for Low Voices Paper        .60
Lillenas' Songs for Men . . Cloth          .75

All orders are filled promptly. Correspondence solicited.

2923 Troost Ave. Kansas City. Mo.

A small book of fifty or sixty pages on Personal Evangelism, by Rev. J. W. Montgomery is just off the press, and is now available. The author of the book has given much time to the study of this subject for the past ten or fifteen years, and through his lectures in various cities throughout the country has been the means of thousands of laymen taking more seriously their responsibility to their neighbors.

The price of the book is 25 cents per copy. Order directly from Rev. J. W. Montgomery, 3510 Weisser Park Ave., Fort Wayne. Indiana. or from THE NAZARENE PUBLISHING HOUSE, 2923 Troost Ave.. Kansas City, Mo.

"A book that is not bookish."

Text from Page 36 of the Nazarene Album (Northern Indiana District, 1934)

It would be a great pleasure to enroll your name in the list of subscribers to THE NAZARENE VOICE. This is an eight-page journal, published monthly in connection with the NAZARENE BROADCAST. You will always find interesting articles on Prophecy, Personal Evangelism, Sunday School Building, Young People's Progress, Revivals and Missionary work in this paper. Price, 50 cents per year in advance.

c/o Radio Station W O W O
Fort Wayne, Ind.


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Nazarene Album (Northern Indiana District Church of the Nazarene, 1934)

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