Nazarene Album
Northern Indiana District
Church of the Nazarene (1934)
(Page 21-30)

(from the Nazarene Album, published in 1934)

In sending out this little book, it is our earnest hope that it may serve as an encouragement to church attendance, and as a guide to a spiritual church in which to worship; especially when you travel. If you like the book and wish to have a copy mailed to some friend, write to us, care of WOWO, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We will be glad to send a copy free to your friend anywhere in the United States. If you can enclose a few cents to cover cost of wrapping and mailing, it will be appreciated.


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21 22page21.jpg (76462 bytes) olivet.jpg (83491 bytes)
Olivet College
Olivet, Illinois
Advertisement Page for Olivet College

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22 23page22.jpg (81603 bytes) chauburn.jpg (83540 bytes)
Auburn Church of the Nazarene
barton.jpg (19852 bytes)
Rev. G.M. Barton
23 24page23.jpg (82053 bytes) chhuntington.jpg (78164 bytes)
Huntington Church of the Nazarene
rich1.jpg (19662 bytes)
Rev. R.L. Rich

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rich2.jpg (22805 bytes)
Rev. Pearl Rich

24 25page24.jpg (100822 bytes) chalfant.jpg (21500 bytes)
Rev. E.O. Chalfant
Nazarene District Superintendents in the Middle West

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25 26page25.jpg (74900 bytes)
chftwayness.jpg (44381 bytes)
Fort Wayne South Side Church of the Nazarene
glaze.jpg (18759 bytes)
Rev. D.A. Glaze
26 27page26.jpg (70424 bytes) cole.jpg (23358 bytes)
Rev. F.E. Cole
myers.jpg (39621 bytes)
Rev. L.E. Myers
27 28page27.jpg (93344 bytes) chfrankfort.jpg (136625 bytes)
Frankfort Church of the Nazarene
mattison.jpg (18048 bytes)
Rev. C.R. Mattison
28 29page28.jpg (78143 bytes) myers2.jpg (45322 bytes)
Rev. H.W. Myers
stevens.jpg (22959 bytes)
Rev. Miss Rose Stevens
29 30page29.jpg (92204 bytes) micamp1.jpg (43571 bytes)
Tabernacle at Michigan District Church of the Nazarene
Indian Lake, Michigan

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micamp2.jpg (60440 bytes)
Shoreline of Indian Lake at Michigan District Church of the Nazarene Campground
30 31page30.jpg (73901 bytes) chelkhart.jpg (66527 bytes)
Elkhart Church of the Nazarene

Text from Page 21 of the Nazarene Album (Northern Indiana District, 1934)

(With special consideration far the working student.)
College of liberal Arts School of Music Theological
Department . . . High School.

Olivet College is supported by the Central Educational Zone of the Church of the Nazarene. Though denominationally supported the college is not sectarian. If you are interested in an education that will be conducive to, rather than destructive of, Christian faith you should investigate the opportunities offered at Olivet. For a catalog and illustrated literature.



Text from Page 24 of the Nazarene Album (Northern Indiana District, 1934)

Nazarene District Superintendents in the Middle West
If you live anywhere in the Middle-west and desire to start a Church of the Nazarene, please get in touch with the District Superintendent listed below, who has oversight of the work in the section of the country where you live.

Michigan: Rev. R. V. Starr, 225 North Butler Blvd., Lansing, Michigan.
Western Ohio: Rev. C. A. Gibson, 1433 Meadow Road, Columbus, Ohio.
Eastern Ohio: Rev. C. Warren Jones, 1434 South Freeman, Alliance, Ohio.
Southern Indiana: Rev. C. J. Quinn, 1621 E. Raymond St., Indianapolis, Ind.
Northern Indiana: Rev. J. W. Montgomery, 3510 Weisser Park, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Illinois: Rev. E. O. Chalfant, General Delivery, Danville, Ill.
Missouri: Rev. F. A. Welsh, Piedmont, Missouri.
Iowa: Rev. C. P. Roberts, 1318 W. Eighth Street, Des Moines, Iowa.
These men have the oversight of more than 550 churches in the Middlewest, and any one among them will be happy to cooperate with you in establishing a church in the bounds of his district, where one is needed. If you live out of the bounds of these districts, and wish to establish a church in your community, write J. W. Montgomery, 3510 Weisser Park Ave., Fort Wayne, Indiana, and he will be glad to furnish the name and address of the District Superintendent in charge of the field where you live.

My prayers are all so simple;
The words are much the same,
For never do I mention
A wish for love or fame.

I do not pray for riches,
Or lovely gilded wings- I only ask for courage
To face what each day brings.
-Mary A. Kiefer.

Text from Page 29 of the Nazarene Album (Northern Indiana District, 1934)

The Camp Ground of the Church of the Nazarene, Michigan District
The Camp Ground of the Church of the Nazarene, Michigan District, is a great place to spend a part of your summer vacation.
This beautiful camp site of thirty acres is located on the shore of Indian Lake in Kalamazoo County about five miles east and north of the village of Vicksburg, Michigan.
The Camp Meeting of the Michigan District will be held on these grounds from July 19th to the 29th. District Assembly the following week.
The special speakers for this camp are Rev. T. M. Anderson and Rev. Bud Robinson. Rev. Frank Watkin is leader of song.
In addition to this program, a Christian Workers Training course will be conducted by Dr. E. P. Ellyson and a staff of teachers; also a Vacation Bible School for children the full time of the Camp and Assembly.
Write to Rev. Verne Ward, Vicksburg, Michigan, for any information that you may desire.
R.V. STARR, Dist. Supt., President. VERN L. WARD, Secretary of Camp.


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Nazarene Album (Northern Indiana District Church of the Nazarene, 1934)

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