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Looking for memorabilia from your hometown?  Trying to find a unique gift for a friend or family member? Looking for an image of a now non-existent building?  Wanting to re-capture memories from a vacation or other trip you took?  Then you may be looking for the postcards offered on these pages.

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Alabama (1) Arkansas (1)
California (45) Colorado (18)
Florida (16) Georgia (5)
Connecticut (1)  
Idaho (1) Illinois (3)
Indiana (30) Iowa (4)
Kansas (4) Kentucky (2)
Louisiana (5) Maryland (1)
Massachusetts (11) Michigan (10)
Minnesota (1) Mississippi (2)
Missouri (7) Montana (1)
Nebraska (1) New Hampshire (3)
New Jersey (4)  
New York (14) North Carolina (14)
Ohio (78) Oregon (12)
Pennsylvania (5) South Dakota (9)
Virginia (14) Washington (2)
West Virginia (2) Wisconsin (17)
Bargain Combos (52)
California Bargain Combos (25)

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As pieces of paper ephemera, postcards are frequently overlooked as sources of information or as a significant research tool, but their value is increasingly apparent. Postcards are not only illustrative, but, in quantity, they also serve as markers of popular taste and attitudes. Despite the obvious possibility of inauthenticity, postcards are often highly appealing because they provide the only image of a building or scene that is in color. The increasing ease of color reproduction, too, is altering our perception of the informational value of images.

Examining the postcards of a town or city can pinpoint what features or characteristics were considered to be distinctive or valuable. Postcard publishers issued cards that would appeal to tourists. However, they also wanted them to interest the residents, who frequently mailed cards to friends and relatives who might never visit the place. Cards depicting public buildings, railroad stations, parks, and busy streets were, in effect, benchmarks of civic achievement. They enabled both visitors and out- of-towners to see exactly how well their city compared with others.

excerpted from "Pacific Northwest and Other Post card Treasures in the University of Washington Libraries,"
by Richard H. Engeman, in Postcards in the Library: Invaluable Visual Resources,
edited by Norman D. Stevens (Haworth Press, 1995);
also published as Popular Culture in Libraries, vol. 3, #2 (1995).

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