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MO0001 KANSAS CITY, Christian Church, Postmarked 1921
Condition: Corner bumps, postmark smear.
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MO0006 LAKE OZARK, Aerial View of Bagnell Dam and Lake of the Ozarks, Postmarked 1930s
Condition: slight corner bumps
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MO0002 ST. LOUIS, General Douglas MacArthur Bridge, Mississippi River, Postally unused linen
Condition: very slight corner and edge wear
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MO0003 ST. LOUIS, Rest House in Forest Park, Postally unused linen
Condition: corner and edge wear
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MO0005 ST. LOUIS, Statue of St. Louis in Forest Park, Postally unused linen
Condition: slight corner and edge wear, small stain right reverse
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MO0007 ST. LOUIS, Shaw's Garden, Postmarked 1948
Condition: Some corner and edge wear, slight crease top left, postmark smudge.
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MO0008 ST. LOUIS, Municipal Opera, postally unused
Condition: Very slight corner wear, pin-sized stain middle right.
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