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Life & Times in 20th-Century America
[Five Volumes]

144 pages (each volume), maps, photos
Greenwood Press, First published 2004

Originally published at $200, this set of history books provides an overview of the 1900s in America. A good reference set, Life & Times in 20th Century America is written with the middle schooler (6th-8th grade) in mind.

While newspapers, radio, television, and later the Internet reported astounding national and world events such as World War I and II, the moon landing, and the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, daily life continued apace for most Americans. How did the century's various discoveries, inventions, and events affect everyday Americans?

Greenwood's five-volume Life & Times in 20th-Century America traces in detail the ups and downs of this political and social history, helping students to see how historical events impacted citizens' daily lives.

Each volume includes chapters on the following topics:
America during the period (overview and chronology)
Family Life
Social and Political Attitudes
The Economy
Health, Science and Technology
Leisure, Sports, and Entertainment
Fashions and Fads.

Readers can trace each topic from the beginning of the century to its end, and can compare and contrast how various people and events influenced the topic over time.

Volume 1: Becoming a Modern Nation: 1900-1920
Volume 2: Boom Times, Hard Times: 1921-1940
Volume 3: Hot and Cold Wars: 1941-1960
Volume 4: Troubled Times at Home: 1961-1980
Volume 5: Promise and Change: 1981-2000

Set Features:
720 pages in 5 volumes
7 x 10
2-color interior
250 Photographs
100 Maps, Charts, and Illustrations
Sidebars and Fact boxes
Excerpts from Primary documents

Curriculum Themes:
American life during the period
Fashions and Fads
Sports and entertainment through American history
Relationship between social attitudes and politics
Effects of the economy and work on family life
Relationship between work and education.

Reading Level: 6th-8th Grades

Table of Contents:
Volume 1 - America in the New Century
Family Life
Social and Political Attitudes
The Economic and Consumer World
Religion and Religious Issues
Health, Science, and Technology
Leisure, Sports, and Entertainment
Fashion and Fads
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Volume 2 - Life on a Roller Coaster

Volume 3 - Victory, Prosperity, and Cold War

Volume 4 - Old Challenges and a "New Frontier"

Volume 5 - America Closes the Century

Description of each volume:
Volume 1 - Becoming a Modern Nation: 1900-1920
Emerging from the Gilded Age, Americans greeted a new century in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. Factory working conditions were hazardous, but earnings provided families with income for necessities, as well as new luxuries such as automobiles or tickets to baseball games. Fashions for men and women grew less restrictive, and women struggled for the right to vote. Many modern medicines had not yet been developed, and families struggled to nurse loved ones through the flu epidemic of 1918/19.

Volume 2 - Boom Times, Hard Times: 1921-1940
The 1920s was a decade of great economic prosperity, coming to be known as the "Roaring Twenties." With greater incomes, people and families enjoyed leisure activities, listening to the new jazz music in clubs and on their phonographs at home. In the 1930s, prosperity yielded to the economic hardships of the Great Depression. Teens often sacrificed their educations to support their families. The movie theater emerged as an escape from the strains of daily living.

Volume 3 - Hot and Cold Wars: 1941-1960
World War II brought great disruption to American life, as men and women were called to fight and their remaining family members endured long days working to support the war effort. When the soldiers returned at the end of the war, the new GI bill created an influx of college enrollments. Servicemen braved the housing shortage to begin a new life with their young wives and children. Cars were now readily available, and families began moving to the new suburbs. America's fascination with science was ignited by the space race against the Soviet Union.

Volume 4 - Troubled Times at Home: 1961-1980
The 1960s brought great change to the social and cultural lives of Americans. Many more students went to college and rejected the traditional political, religious, and social values of their parents. Influenced first by the British Invasion of musical groups such as The Beatles, and later the folk music and resulting hippie culture of singers such as Bob Dylan, young people fought for women's rights, civil rights, and, in the 1970s, the right to protest the Vietnam War. Americans triumphed when they sent the first men to the moon in 1969.

Volume 5 - Promise and Change: 1981-2000
President Ronald Ragan was elected in 1980 and established a new era of political and social conservatism. The preppie style of clothing became popular, particularly among young men and women joining the working world for the first time. A new emphasis on fitness encouraged many Americans to get in shape, but obesity rates continued to rise. The AIDS epidemic brought fear to ordinary activities such as sharing public spaces and undergoing medical procedures, until researchers gained knowledge and developed new treatments. By the 1990s, one of the most profound inventions to ever impact daily life became widespread among families and professionals alike: the personal computer.

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