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A Guidebook to Mining in America
Volume 2 - East

by John R. Park

Copyright 2000, Stonerose Publishing
312 pages, Softcover, 11"x8.5"

A Guidebook to Mining in America: Volume 2 contains 887 entries on 312 pages.  Entries feature mining museums, museums with mining exhibits, museum mines, tourist mines, viewable or visitable working mines, preserved ghost mining towns, mining monuments, and mining-related sites. Sites and topics of exhibits include mining, mining equipment, stone quarrying, mining by Native Americans, ore mills, historic blast furnaces, metal refineries, lime kilns, charcoal kilns, coke ovens, saltworks (including sea-salt), saltpeter caves, petroleum production, pipelines, petroleum tankers, ore loading docks, ore boats, ore barges, canals, and ore/coal/petroleum hauling railroads. Mining-related sites include mine superintendents' offices & homes, historic mints, assay offices, mining schools, forts built to protect miners, and cultural institutions financed by mining profits.

192 photographs, 32 maps, and 67 other graphics illustrate the entries.  579 terms are defined in the glossary.

73 text inserts connect related entries and provide more in-depth information on: Alabama Iron, Arkansas Bauxite, ASARCO, Calumet, The Calumet and Hecla Company (C&H), Cannel Coal, Cape Cod Sea Salt Industry, Cherokee and other Native American Miners, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, The Copper Basin, Copper Range Company, Delaware and Hudson Canal, Dimension Stone Used in Washington, DC, Duluth, Missabe, & Iron Range Railroad, Edison and Mining, Erie Canal, Fake Indian Sites and the Neglect of Authentic Sites, Florida Heavy Mineral Sands, Florida Phosphate Mining, Frasch Sulfur Mining, Georgia Gold Deposits and the Cherokee, Great Lakes Iron Ore, Loading Ports, Great Lakes Ore Boats, The Hanging Rock Iron Region, Illinois Fluorite Deposits, Illinois Lead-Zinc Deposits, Indiana Coal, Indiana Limestone, Indiana Petroleum, Julian Dubuque and Lead Mining, Kanawha Valley Saltworks, Lehigh Canal, The Louisville & Nashville Railroad, Michigan Copper Mines, Michigan Gold Mines, Michigan Iron Mines, Michigan Salt Industry, Mine Tour Leaders, Mining in Miami, Minnesota Iron Ranges, Missouri Copper Nickel and Cobalt Mining, Missouri Iron Mining, Morris Canal, New York Canals, North Dakota Lignite, Old Lead Belt, Pennsylvania Coal, Pennsylvania Iron, Pennsylvania Main Line Canal, Prehistoric Copper Mines, Quincy Mining Company, Saltpeter Manufacturing, Sloss Furnace Company, Spruce Pine Kaolin Deposit, Steans Coal & Lumber Company, TCI (Tennessee Coal and Iron Company) / U.S. Steel, Tennessee Iron, Tennessee Phosphate, Tennessee Zinc, Tri-State Lead-Zinc District, The Tyson Family and Chromite Mining, U.S. President Herbert Hoover, U-Pick Gem Places, Union Canal, Vermont Copper, Vermont Iron, Vermont Potash, Viburnum Lead-Zinc Trend, Virginia Gold, West Virginia Coal, Wisconsin Iron, Wisconsin Lead and Zinc.

Topics from the index include: Act of Making Common Salt, Adler Gulch (MT), Allegheny Portage Railroad, amber, American Pearl Farms, American Revolution, anthracite, Arkansas Antimony District, arsenic, asbestos, barite, beryllium, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Bickford safety fuses, Birmingham Mineral Railroad, bismuth, block-caving, bog iron, Bon Ami Company, Daniel Boone, Broad Top coalfield (PA), bromine, Brooks Locomotive Works (NY), cadmium, Andrew Carnegie, Catalan furnaces, catenary shafts, Chincoteague wild ponies, chromite buddle, Henry Clay, Thomas G. Clemson, Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company, coal gas, Coal Oil Johnny, cobalt, columbium, Christopher Columbus, Confederate Powder Works, convict and slave miners, copperas, corundum, Crab Orchard Sandstone, David (Davy) Crockett, Dahlonega Mint, Juan Ponce de Leon, Deering Harvester Company, Herbert H. Dow, Drake's Well (PA), Dutch Boy Paint, Eagle-Picher Company, Eccle Mine Disaster (WV), electrostatic separation, emeralds, epsom salts, feldspar, Henry Flagler, fluorspar, Herman Frasch, Henry Clay Frick, fullers' earth, galamander, gallium, garnet, General Electric Company, germanium, gossan, Gouverneur Talc Company, graphite, greensand, Greyhound busses, gypsum, gyratory crushers, Helena Shot Tower (WI), Herkermer diamonds, Joseph B. Hirshhorn, Hope Diamond, Hopewell Culture, Hulett unloader, Humphreys spirals, ilmenite, indium, Inland Steel Company, iodine, Iron Mountain Railroad, Jamestown, VA, Thomas Jefferson, Key Largo Limestone, Kingston Saltpeter Cave (GA), kyanite, lascas, Pierre Charles Le Sueur, lithium, James Madison, manganese, Maramec Ironworks (MO), Megger resistivity meter, mercury, Missabe Ore Docks, MN, Molly Maguires, molybdenum, Newcomen pump, nickel, nodulizing mill, novaculite, Oberlin College, Ottumwa Coal Palace, PCS Phosphate Company, platinum, Pocahontas, coalfields, Potash Bay (VT), Principio Furnace (MD), pyrite, Sir Walter Raleigh, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt, rubies, S.S. Willis B. Boyer, Saltville, VA, sandpaper, Santa Fe Trail, sapphires, Schoefer cement kiln, Semet Solvay coke ovens, Seneca oil, General William T. Sherman, silver soapstone, Spindletop Dome (TX), St. Joe loader, staurolite, Stourbridge Lion, strontium, sunshine lamp, Taconite Harbor, MN, talc, tantalium, Taylor Air Compressor, Tennessee Valley Authority, thorium, titanium, Titusville Oil Works (PA), tommyknockers, Tripoli, tungsten, United Mine Workers of America, uranium, vanadium, vanner, ventilation shaft, Vermont Marble Company, Evelyn McLean Walsh, War of 1812, Booker T. Washington, Josiah Wedgewood, Weirton Steelworks (WV), West Virginia Northern Railroad, Whipple Company Store, windmills, wollastonite, WWI, WWII, zinc, zirconium.

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