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A Guidebook to Mining in America
Volume 1 - West

by John R. Park

Copyright 2000, Stonerose Publishing
307 pages, Softcover/Comb bound reprint , 11"x8.5"

The Guidebook to Mining in America Volume 1: West provides information on 877 entries on 310 pages. 182 Photographs, 16 maps, and 66 other graphics illustrate the entries.  Entries feature mining museums, museums with mining exhibits, educational and commercial visitable mines, viewable or visitable working mines, preserved ghost mining towns, mining monuments, and mining-related sites.  Sites and topics of exhibits include: mining, mining equipment, stone quarrying, mining by Native Americans, ore mills, historic blast furnaces, metal refineries, lime kilns, charcoal kilns, coke ovens, saltworks (including sea-salt), saltpeter caves, petroleum production, pipelines, petroleum tankers, ore loading docks ore boats ore barges, canals, and ore/coal/petroleum hauling railroads. Mining-related sites include: mine superintendents' offices & homes, historic mints, assay offices, mining schools, forts built to protect miners, and cultural institutions financed by mining profits.

Text inserts connect related entries and provide more in-depth information on: Alaska Gold, The Alaska-Juneau Mine, Ambrosia Lake Uranium Field, Anaconda Mining Company (AMC), Bingham Canyon Mine, Borax Mining, Butte, Anaconda, and Pacific Railroad, Butte Mines, California Petroleum, Carlsbad Potash Mines, Casino (Mining-Ghost) Towns, Col. Patrick E. Connor, Colorado Coal, Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, Colorado Gold, Colorado Uranium, Comstock Followers, Comstock Lode, Copper River and Northwestern Railroad, Couer D'Alene Silver Mines, Cripple Creek District, Denver & Rio Grand Railroad, The Douglas Family and Phelps Dodge Corp., The El Paso & Southwestern Railroad, Fairbanks Exploration Company, George Hearst, The Great Diamond Hoax, The Guggenheim Family, Homestake Mine, Idaho Phosphate, Kennecott Copper Corporation, Klondike Gold Rush, The Leadville Area Mines, The Lost Dutchman Mine, Marcus Daly, Montana Sapphire Mining, Native American Mining in New Mexico, Nevada Gold and Silver, New Mexico Coal, North Dakota Lignite, Ophir Mining District, Pikes Peak Gold Rush, Pseudo Ghost Towns, Ski (Mining-Ghost) Towns, Spanish/Mexican Mining, State Line Diamond District, The Treadwell Mine, TransAlaska Pipeline, Uintah Railroad, United States Mints and Coins, Utah Gilsonite, Utah Uranium, W. A. Clark, Washington Coal, Wyoming Gold, Wyoming Iron, Wyoming Trona Mining.

Topics from the index include: 20-Mule Team Borax Company, Adler Gulch, Alice Mine, American Gilsonite Company, Anaconda Mining Company, arsenic smelting & refining, Atwood Mine, Belle Fourche (SD), beryllium compounds & minerals, blasting & equipment, Bonanza Mine (OR, UT, WA), Bretz Mine, Bunker Hill Mining & Smelting Company, Calumet & Arizona Mining Company, Kit Carson, Cerro Gordo Mining District, William A. Clark, Combined Metals Reduction Company, convict & slave miners, Copper Queen Mine, Cowell Lime Company, crushing & grinding, Deadwood Gulch, Detroit Mining Company, dimension stone, Charles Dow, Ely Mining District, Eureka Mining District (NV), explosives, Albert Fall, Folsom Mining Museum, Gallup American Coal Company, gold compounds & minerals, Good Fortune Mine (WY), Green River Formation, gypsum, George Hearst, Horace Lewis Fast Freight Line, Humble Oil & Refining Company, hydropower, iron foundry, Jackpile Mine, Katzechin Mining District, labor strike, Lavender Pit Mine, leaching & equipment, magnesium compounds & minerals, Manhattan Project, Mascott Copper Company, Mica Load Quarry, mine disaster, Colorado School of Mines, Mount Diablo coalfield, Nederland Mining Company, No You Don't Mine, Occidental Oil Company, Oro-Neva Dredging Company, John C. Osgood, Palmetto Mining District (NV), Felix Pedro, Permian Basin, Pioneer Yosemite History Center, Pittsburgh Pacific Company, Pleasant View Mine, Poker Flats Mines (AK), Quartzsite Mineral Show, railroad depot, Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad, White Pass & Yukon Railway, recreational mining, Reynolds Aluminum Company, Roche Harbor Lime & Cement Company, safety and rescue & equipment, salt dome, Sho-Vel-Tum oilfield, Silver Creek Mining District (WA), silver refining & equipment, Sixteen to One Mine, Snavely #1 oilwell, Spindletop Gusher, Spring Valley Hydraulic Gold Company, steam powered machinery, John Studebaker, Sutter's Mill, talc, Texas Gulf Sulfur Company, Charles L. Tiffany, uranium compounds & minerals, Vanadium Corporation of America, Wagon Wheel Gap Mine, Wells Fargo, Yerington Mine, zinc smelting & refining, Zuni Salt Lake.

Entries from the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.

Book condition:
This book is BRAND NEW from the publisher.

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