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War at Every Door
Partisan Politics and Guerrilla Violence
in East Tennessee 1860-1869

by Noel C. Fisher

Softcover, 250 pages, 6-1/8" x 9-1/4", 6 illustrations, 5 maps, 9 tables
Copyright 1997
Published Fall/Winter 2001
University of North Carolina Press

From the publisher:
One of the most divided regions of the Confederacy, East Tennessee was the site of fierce Unionist resistance to secession, Confederate rule, and the Southern war effort. It was also the scene of unrelenting 'irregular,' or guerrilla, warfare between Union and Confederate supporters, a conflict that permanently altered the region's political, economic, and social landscape. In this study, Noel Fisher examines the military and political struggle for control of East Tennessee from the secession crisis through the early years of Reconstruction, focusing particularly on the military and political significance of the region's irregular activity. Fisher portrays in grim detail the brutality and ruthlessness employed not only by partisan bands but also by Confederate and Union troops under constant threat of guerrilla attack and government officials frustrated by unstinting dissent. He demonstrates that, generally, guerrillas were neither the romantic, daring figures of Civil War legend nor mere thieves and murderers, but rather were ordinary men and women who fought to live under a government of their choice and to drive out those who did not share their views.

About the author
Noel C. Fisher, who received his Ph.D. in history from The Ohio State University, is a freelance writer who lives in Columbus, Ohio.


Chapter 1. The Switzerland of America
Chapter 2. Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water
Chapter 3. A State of Rebellion
Chapter 4. Hanging, Shooting, and Robbing
Chapter 5. An Enemy's Country
Chapter 6. Real or Supposed Danger
Chapter 7. Separation Is Best

Appendix A. Interpretations of East Tennessee Unionism
Appendix B. Unionist Informants and the Death of John Hunt Morgan
Appendix C. Vote on Secession in Tennessee, June 1861

1. Sectional Comparisons, Tennessee, 1860
2. Sectional Distinctions, Tennessee, 1860
3. Confederate Troop Strengths, 1861-1863
4. Union Troop Strengths, 1863-1865
A-1. Coefficients of Correlation
A-2. Single Regressions, Vote against Secession
A-3. Multiple Regressions, Vote against Secession
A-4. Single Regressions, Region
C-1. Vote on Secession, by Region and County

1. East Tennessee, 1860
2. Results of Special Election, February 9, 1861
3. Results of Special Election, June 8, 1861
4. Bridges Burned by Unionists, November 8, 1861
5. Western Theater, 1863

William G. Brownlow
T. A. R. Nelson
Horace Maynard
Oliver P. Temple
J. G. M. Ramsey
Landon Carter Haynes

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